Your Thursday morning catch-up

Good morning. Here’s everything you need to know before you start your day.

Your Thursday morning catch-up


Pressure is mounting on Dublin City Council to foot the €4m bill for fire safety remedial works in the 299-apartment complex Longboat Quay.

The misery of children finding nothing under the tree on Christmas morning while their mother slept off a hangover upstairs is just one of the heart-rending cases to feature in the latest batch of reports from the Child Care Law Reporting Project.

The €1.6bn sale of Nama’s Northern Ireland loan book is expected to be discussed when officials from the agency appear before the Public Accounts Committee today.


Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas has declared that he is no longer bound by agreements signed with Israel.

A US man on death row in Oklahoma who has been granted a last-minute stay of execution has said he is happy to have 37 more days.

The Titanic’s last lunch menu, saved by a first-class passenger who climbed aboard a lifeboat whose crew was said to have been bribed to row away instead of rescue more people, has been sold at a US auction.

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