Your Monday morning catch-up

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Your Monday morning catch-up


For 39,000 of the students who got their Leaving Certificate results last Wednesday, there is good news this morning of an offer to study at a third-level college. They are among 52,000 applicants for higher-education places to get offers through the Central Applications Office (CAO). The offers have been available to check online since 6am.

Staying with the CAO results, further spikes in points for technology, business, and other degrees are increasing pressure on colleges to speed up reform of the third-level entry system. However, an analysis of entry standards shows big jumps for many categories of course yet again this year. Many of these may be linked to rising demand and improved student results, but focus is turning again to the pace of promised change

In other news, Revenue is cracking down on the number of homes that were "significantly undervalued" in property tax returns.

Renua Ireland will launch proposals for Dáil budget reform this afternoon. They said budgetary processes are outdated, and the Government uses Ireland’s finances "for their political advantage".

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