Xbox snatched from teen as he tried to sell it

A teenager hoping to make “a few bob” before Christmas arranged through the DoneDeal website to sell his Xbox and games to a man in Cork City but the ‘buyer’ and his wife drove off leaving the teenager on the side of the street with no payment.

Xbox snatched from teen as he tried to sell it

William Hogan, aged 31, pleaded guilty to stealing the computer equipment and games and he was jailed yesterday for six months.

Jennifer Cronin, aged 34, who admitted handling stolen property had her six-month prison term suspended.

The 16-year-old who had arranged to sell his Xbox, controllers and five games for just over €200 at Anglesea St, Cork, was with his mother on the afternoon of November 22, 2013.


He managed to get the registration number of the car driven from the scene. When he reported the theft to gardaí they found the car was registered to Jennifer Cronin.

Gardaí went to the home of the two accused which at that time was 56 Corrib Lawn, Mayfield, Cork, and found all of the stolen property in the couple’s living room.

Inspector Ronan Kenneally said yesterday at Cork District Court: “The injured party had been lured in a sense. He put the items on sale. He had gone innocently or naively into town before Christmas, his idea being to get a few bob together for the Christmas period. Mr Hogan grabbed the items and made his escape in the car.”

Emmet Boyle, solicitor, said the injured party passed the items in through the window of the car and that Hogan made off with the items.

Hogan had 30 previous convictions. Judge Leo Malone jailed him for six months for the theft.

Jennifer Cronin, who also had previous convictions, drove the car on the day.

Her solicitor, Joseph Cuddgian said that in older times in courts, “there used to be a certain presumption that a person (such as the accused) would not be operating under her own free will.”

The judge imposed the suspended jail term on her.


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