Man who put pictures online on trial for harassment

A man accused of contacting a garda confidential line identifying a named soldier in the Irish army as a “legitimate target” and showing a picture of the same soldier on a “paedo” website went on trial for harassment at Cork District Court yesterday.

Anthony (Tony) West, 39, of 7 Popham’s Rd, Cork, pleaded not guilty to a charge of harassing the soldier on dates between May 29, 2014, and January 8 this year.

Detective Sergeant Vincent O’Sullivan gave evidence against Mr West.

Two friends of the complainant in the case also received communications in relation to the complainant in the course of which it was stated: “There is going to be a shit storm.”

Det Sgt O’Sullivan investigated the matters when a complaint was made by the soldier referred to. They were linked to West’s computer and he later admitted sending the communications.

The accused also admitted setting up a website under the name, Cork Sex Offenders/Paedos. On this site was a picture of an unmarked garda car. Another picture appeared of the complainant in the case.

Emmet Boyle, defending, said the defence argument was that the elements of the complaint did not amount to harassment because there was no direct contact with the complainant.

Judge Con O’Leary adjourned the harassment case until May 28.


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