Nephew: I saw uncle stab the deceased

The nephew of a murder accused said his uncle stabbed the deceased in the chest with a a foot-long butcher knife in a statement read to the jury yesterday.

Nephew: I saw uncle stab the deceased

Tadhg Butler, aged 34, of Seafield, Tramore, Co Waterford, also known as Thomas O’Grady, has pleaded not guilty to murdering Michael O’Dwyer, aged 25, at that address on January 10, 2014.

Mr Justice Patrick McCarthy told the jury at the Central Criminal Court that Denis Vaughan Buckley, prosecuting, would read out a statement to them which the prosecution say is the statement given by Anthony O’Grady, of Bishop Birch, Kilkenny.

The statement said that at around 4.30pm, Luke Green got a call from Thomas O’Grady, asking the three men to Tramore as “the party was down there”.

Michael O’Dwyer, Anthony O’Grady, and Luke Green got a taxi from World’s End pub in Kilkenny to Tramore. On route the men bought some alcohol.

Continuing to read from Mr O’Grady’s statement, Mr Vaughan Buckley said: “Michael sat down beside me on the stairs, we were chatting away. I can’t remember about what. As we were talking Thomas O’Grady walked out of the kitchen, he walked up to us and at the last second, I saw him lift a butcher knife from beside his leg and stab Michael into the chest.

“Michael collapsed forward straight away. Thomas walked back to the sitting room and started drinking. Thomas never said a word.

“The knife was like the biggest knife out of a set you would buy and Thomas held it in his right hand. I say the blade was a foot long. I saw it when Thomas pulled it out of Michael’s chest, it was covered in blood.

“Michael was sitting to my left hand side on the same step as me. This all happened in the blink of an eye.

“I said ‘what are you doing Thomas man’. Thomas said nothing and walked away. I lifted up Michael and carried him outside the apartment. Luke had been asleep during what had happened.”

Luke Green then rang 999 .

Under cross examination by Brendan Grehan, defending, Mr O’Grady said on countless occasions he didn’t remember anything from the night as he had been on prescription painkillers Zimovane’s for three days solid and drinking whiskey.

“The next morning D/Sgt Furlong came up for me, I didn’t sleep that night I was still out of my brain, that interview shouldn’t have been taken for me, I was under duress, I had tablets in my system and drink,” he said.

Mr O’Grady told Mr Grehan he gets violent when he drinks vodka and whiskey and has tried to stab gardaí in the past.

“I m not a well young fella, I’m a bit cracked upstairs,” said Mr O’Grady.

Mr Grehan put it to Mr O’Grady that he had no memory of events of the night from when the taxi man collected him in Kilkenny until events the following morning, which Mr O’Grady agreed with.

The trial continues.

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