McCartney is top of musical millionaire list but Irish stars feature strongly

Irish stars U2, Enya and Niall Horan feature prominently in new lists of millionaire musicians.

McCartney is top of musical millionaire list but Irish stars feature strongly

But it is Paul McCartney — who has not had a UK number one single in decades — that has topped the only chart that counts — the top 40 musical millionaires.

The former Beatle has a personal fortune of £730m (€1bn) — £20m up from last year — and is well ahead of nearest rival Andrew Lloyd Webber, estimated to be worth £650m (€910m).

McCartney’s fortune is given a significant boost by his wife Nancy Shevell, who has a £150m (€210m) stake in her family’s business.

U2 share a £431m (€603m) fortune, with Elton John and Mick Jagger said to be worth £270m (€378m) and £225m (€315m) respectively.


The chart, put together for The Sunday Times Rich List, shows Jagger’s bandmate and songwriting partner Keith Richards as being worth £210m (€294m), while Ringo Starr is estimated to have a fortune worth £180m (€252m).

Michael Flatley is also up near the top of the list with £195m (€273m).

Other names include Enya whose fortune is estimated at £90m (€126m) and newcomer Calvin Harris, with the DJ and producer said to be worth £70m (€98m).

Sam Smith’s success has seen him storm another chart — the top 20 richest young musicians in the UK and Ireland.

The ‘Stay With Me’ singer is reckoned to have a personal fortune of £12m (€16m), well behind chart topper Adele, who is estimated to be worth £50m (€70m).

Second place in the chart, made up of acts aged 30 or under, goes to Niall Horan and the three other members of One Direction — and former bandmate Zayn Malik. They are said to be worth £25m (€35m) each.

The top 10

1. Paul McCartney, Nancy

Shevell £730m (€1bn).

2. Andrew Lloyd-Webber

£650m (€910m).

3. U2 £431m. (€603).

4. Elton John £270m


5. Mick Jagger £225m


6. Keith Richards £210m


7. Michael Flatley £195m


8. Ringo Starr £180m


8. Sting £180m (€252m).

10. Roger Waters £160m


The full Rich List is published on Sunday.


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