Renua denies asking Magdalene campaigner to be poll candidate

Renua Ireland has denied claims by Magdalene Laundry survivors campaigner Steven O’Riordan that the new party asked him to run as their candidate in the next general election.

Party leader Lucinda Creighton said it was “absolutely not true” that Renua had asked Mr O’Riordan to run for the party in the Cork North West constituency.

“He applied through our website like six or seven hundred other people, but I did not approach him to run,” Ms Creighton said last night.

Speaking ahead of a public meeting for his candidacy in his native Millstreet last night, Mr O’Riordan had claimed he attended two of the new party’s meetings and was approached by Ms Creighton to run for Renua, but that he declined the offer.

The director of No Limbs, No Limits, a documentary about his sister Joanne who was born without arms or legs, also claimed that he was approached by “another main political party” that he would not identify.

He said he had “no interest whatsoever” in the offer.

Speaking ahead of last night’s meeting in Millstreet, Mr O’Riordan said that if elected he would not support Sinn Féin in government but may offer support to minority or coalition governments composed of other parties.

“I wouldn’t support Sinn Féin because their policies don’t really add up,” he said.

“They are the Santa Clause Party and promising everything, but sometimes Santa can’t deliver,” he said.

Mr O’Riordan said that he would be campaigning on social issues and would seek to restore a number of grants if he was elected at the next election.

He said that 460,000 home care hours have been cut by the current government, along with reductions in respite care grants and phone and fuel allowances.

“There is a perception that there has been a successful growth in the economy but there has been no social inclusion,” he said.

“If you are good at business, you are flying but not so if you are relying on the State.”


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