‘I wanted a clean slate in the court’

The man who denies murder in the case where the body was found in a rubbish chute replied under cross-examination yesterday, “You are trying to make me out to be a fucking horrible bastard that I went out to kill this man”.

David O’Loughlin said: “If I had known he was in that chute I would have gone to get help.”

Prosecution senior counsel Seán Gillane asked him why he did not tell the gardaí he had put Liam Manley in the rubbish chute and give them a full account of what happened.

O’Loughlin said he did not trust the gardaí and waited until his trial to tell the truth. “I wanted a clean slate when I came to a court and jury. I did not want the guards contaminating my evidence. They can exaggerate and contaminate information,” the accused said yesterday.

Mr Gillane accused him of being very methodical and of lying to the gardaí.

O’Loughlin denied that and said: “I was prepared to avoid questions just to get to this particular day (giving evidence in court). I did not want my information to be contaminated or exaggerated which clearly happens. You are painting me to be an evil man.”

Mr Gillane said in the one-and-a-half hours that the late Mr Manley was in the apartment with the accused, before the arrival of another man, was in effect a silent movie and he asked the accused what they talked about.

O’Loughlin said apart from Mr Manley saying he lived at the Simon community he could not recall anything else about the conversation. O’Loughlin told his own senior counsel Mr Nix that during his time in institutional and foster care from the age of 10 he was sexually abused.

He said he got agitated when the man in his apartment suggested alleged paedophilia on the part of the late Mr Manley. It was stated in the trial that gardaí investigated and found there was no paedophilia in the deceased’s background.

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