Dezoning on the cards

A local authority in the South-East has intimated it may consider dezoning development land where landowners are showing reluctance to make one-off sites available for housing.

Dezoning on the cards

Senior planner with Waterford Council Jim O’Mahoney advised the Lismore-Dungarvan Municipal District Council meeting of complaints about landowners refusing one-off sites to young couples.

The County Development Plan encourages housing in village environments to help maintain the integrity of local communities.

Councillors also called for regulations to be relaxed to allow couples to build elsewhere close to their family homes when landowners refuse to sell.

Chairman Damien Geoghegan said he was dealing with a case where a couple “have exhausted all avenues regarding zoned land” as a landowner would not free it up.

Cllr Tom Cronin claimed a landowner when approached had “no interest whatsoever in selling a one- off site” despite the would-be purchaser being born and reared within 500 yards of the site. “I think it’s totally wrong,” he stated.

Mr O’Mahoney said the council “tries to accommodate everybody in their local area” while endeavouring to zone land to its best usage.

He said people moving from villages to the countryside at will would threaten to undermine village communities.

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