Cork woman to tell of abortion story on BBC3 documentary

A documentary to be screened tonight will tell the story of one Cork woman’s abortion as part of a wider analysis of the law surrounding terminations in Ireland.

Cork woman to tell of abortion story on BBC3 documentary

Abortion: Ireland’s Guilty Secret?, which will air on BBC3 tonight, shows 24-year-old Tara and her boyfriend Steve who travel to Britain for an abortion.

Journalist Alys Harte visits Tara and Steve in their Cork home and meets them again immediately before and after her abortion.

“Someone needs to share their story, basically there are women having to go over on a daily basis to England for an abortion, yet nobody’s talking about it all the same,” Tara says in the documentary.

She explains that the pregnancy came as a surprise, as she is on the pill, and that the timing is not right for her or Steve, as they are saving money to travel and for a new apartment.

“I think I will be able to give a lot more to a child 10 years down the line than I am now and that’s what I want for me and that what I want for my future kids,” she says.

“I’m sure that there will be people out there that will think that I am the devil for doing this but I know myself that this is the only option that seems right to me right now.”

The documentary says the total cost to Tara for the procedure, including the cost of travel, comes to nearly £1,000 (€1,300).

Afterwards she describes herself as both relieved and angry. “Just angry that they’re ignoring women, basically, at the moment, and ignoring the fact that they should have this choice at home,” Tara says.

“This could have been so simple, this could have been something I could have done two weeks ago, basically, when I found out. They shouldn’t have control over my uterus. I deserve that choice and it was taken away from me by my Government. You deserve to be treated as a human and not as a criminal.”

The documentary also features 16-year-old pro-life activist Gemma, and Sarah, who turned from being pro-life to a campaigner for change, after her first child was diagnosed with a fatal foetal abnormality.

Abortion: Ireland’s Guilty Secret? airs on BBC3 at 9pm tonight.

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