Elaine used online alias of ‘Chained Brunette’

Elaine O’Hara’s brother has testified that he found the name of a fetish lifestyle website in her apartment when the family searched it two days after she disappeared.

Elaine used online alias of ‘Chained Brunette’

John O’Hara was giving evidence in the Central Criminal Court trial of the 42-year-old architect accused of murdering the childcare worker.

John O’Hara testified that he and other family members joined gardaí at his missing sister’s home at Belarmine Plaza, Stepaside, on the night of August 24, 2012.

They had spent the evening searching the area where her car had been found at Shanganagh Cemetery, the graveyard where her mother was buried.

“We were there an hour or so, going through things in the apartment to see if there was any indication of where she had gone.

“I found two pictures of two hunting knives.”

He explained that they seemed to be printouts from Active Hunting Ireland’s website and that they had been printed on July 11, 2012.

He agreed with Seán Guerin, prosecuting, that they included a Buck Special Knife 119 and a Buck Special 119 Cocobola. Their blade lengths were 15.2cm.

He said he also found a notebook in his search that Friday night. Inside it was the name of a website: www.fetlife.com.

“While we were in the apartment, I had looked it up on my phone and I showed my sister and the garda the images on it.

“It was a fetish lifestyle website. On the Saturday or Sunday, I logged on and created a username to see if I could find anything to do with Elaine. I found one with no picture.”

Mr O’Hara said the attributes described led him to conclude that this was his sister’s profile. The username was ‘Chained Brunette’, he said.

“I gave the information to the gardaí and I closed down my user profile.”

He agreed with Ronan Kennedy, defending, that the family had considered the possibility that some harm might have come to her by her own hand.

“We were also concerned that she went for a walk or to leave something at the grave and that she was maybe grabbed,” he said.

His father’s partner also testified yesterday.

Sheila Hawkins testified that she “recoiled” when she came across oily latex in Ms O’Hara’s apartment that day, while she and her partner were searching for a passport or something to help them find his daughter.

She was asked by Remy Farrell, defending, if she had found a black latex bodysuit in Ms O’Hara’s home that day. Ms Hawkins said she had put her hand into a straw basket on a shelving unit.

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