Homeless man dies in priest's house in Limerick

A homeless man has died in the home of a Limerick priest who had given him refuge.

Homeless man dies in priest's house in Limerick

Fr Michael Noonan, parish priest of Raheen, last night spoke of his sadness at the death of the man who was in his 40s.

Reported to be a “man of the road”, he had stayed in the parochial house previous. He died of natural causes.

“This is a very sad time for me and for all concerned. This man has come to me for help on a number of occasions over the last seven years but I had not seen him for about seven months until he turned up recently,” said Fr Noonan.

“I helped him get accommodation but, two nights ago, he asked could he stay a night or two. I have a spare room and offered it to him.

“I am deeply saddened he has passed away but consoled very much by the fact that he died knowing there was a welcome for him and he is now at peace,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Bishop of Limerick said it was a stark reminder that despite the good work of agencies across the country including in Limerick, many people are still vulnerable.

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