Taxi driver punched during airport altercation

A row blew up at the airport taxi rank when a man unloaded bags from a private car and later punched the taxi driver on the nose.

Mr Mullan was given an adult caution by gardaí arising out of the incident. He was called yesterday as a prosecution witness against the taxi driver.

Enogieru was before Cork District Court where he pleaded not guilty to threatening behaviour. He had refused to take an adult caution from gardaí to avoid a prosecution. He insisted he never said, “I’m going to fuck your mother”, which he allegedly said before being punched, or anything like that so he contested the case yesterday.

Judge Olann Kelleher found the facts against Enogieru proven and bound him to the peace for 12 months but said he could avoid a conviction if he paid €750 for the prosecution witness expenses by February 16 next. The judge said even on Enogieru’s evidence he told Mullan to “fuck off” and had beeped his horn. Mullan said his dad dropped him and his wife to the airport on July 26, 2013, and stopped briefly at the taxi rank for them to take out their bags. “The taxi driver beeped continuously and said we should not be there. I said we were only taking our bags out. We started shouting at each other. The taxi driver was abusive saying he was going to fuck my mother.

“I was leaning in the car window. I punched him in the nose. I walked away. The gentleman got out of the taxi, he kind of pushed me aside. He said you are not taking these bags.”

When asked why he got so upset, he said: “Because my mother is dead and you should not speak about someone like that even if she was alive.”

Graham Hyde, solicitor for Enogieru, said the defendant was bleeding from the nose after the punch and was holding on to the bags so that the assailant would remain at the scene until the gardaí arrived.

Witnesses gave slightly different versions of events but a number said they saw Enogieru being punched and bleeding afterwards.

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