Recorded crime falls in 3 Cork regions

The number of recorded crimes has fallen across the three Garda divisions in Cork by a combined average of 6.7% in the past year.

Figures published by the CSO show crime levels in the county are falling at a faster rate than the national average. Across the country, there was a 3.7% decrease in overall crime levels in the past year.

A total of 19,857 crimes were recorded in the three Cork garda divisions in the year to last June compared to 21,279 in the previous 12-month period.

The biggest fall in crime rate was in Cork City where crime levels have decreased by almost 9% — down 1,200 to just more than 12,400 offences.

The number of recorded crimes in Cork West — covering towns including Bandon, Macroom, Clonakilty, and Bantry — has fallen by 3.5% to just over 3,000 offences in the year to last June.

The Garda division of Cork North, which covers Mallow, Fermoy, Midleton, Cobh, and Youghal, recorded the smallest decline in crime levels in the county – down 2.4% with just more than 8,100 offences. It has the third lowest crime rate of any garda division in the Republic.

The sharp decrease in crime levels in Cork City was driven by a 22% reduction in the number of public order offences and a 20% decrease in burglaries — some of the largest declines recorded across any of the 28 garda divisions nationwide. There was also a 29% decline in the number of reported sexual offences in the city down from 132 to 94 over the past year.

However, some categories of crimes in the city have increased, including robberies which are up 15% as well as a 5% rise in the number of drug offences.

In Cork North, there were mixed results, with increases in several types of offence including a notable rise in the number of crimes involving physical assault and harassment — up 10%.

The number of robberies more than doubled — with 13 such crimes in the past year compared to five in the previous 12-month period.

There was also a 31% increase in sexual offences in the division with 68 rapes and other sexual assaults being reported and a 1% increase in burglaries.

Thefts have overtaken public order offences as the most common type of crime in Cork North due to a 15% decrease in the latter in the past year. The number of thefts also fell, although by a more modest 1%, with almost 1,100 such offences recorded over the period.

There was a decrease in all the most common categories of crime in Cork West over the past year, with the exception of drug offences, which recorded a 17% jump, and a 6.5% increase in drink-driving offences.

However, there was a reduction in many crimes including a 3% decrease in burglaries, 4% drop in thefts and 5% reduction in public order offences in the division. The number of recorded drug offences across Cork has been growing at a rate more than twice as fast as the national average.

There is also likely to be concern about the 20% increase in robberies in the county in the past year — a total of 157 hold-ups representing a 20% increase on the previous year’s figures. The national average was a 2% rise in the same period.

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