Charity suspends workers at dog shelter

Two ISPCA staff members have been suspended after 10 dogs at one of its shelters were left without any food or water over the August bank holiday weekend.

The dogs were discovered after a member of the public contacted gardaí expressing concern about the welfare of the animals at an ISPCA-run shelter in Roscommon.

It was brought to the attention of the animal charity on August 5 and a preliminary inquiry was launched. Two staff members have been suspended pending the result of a full inquiry.

Speaking to RTÉ radio, ISPCA chief executive Dr Andrew Kelly said the charity took “immediate” action when it was informed of the incident and that all 10 dogs are healthy.

“A member of the public contacted the gardaí on Monday, August 4, and a council employee was called to the scene who allowed entry to the gardaí, and the gardaí removed, with the help of Cloverhill vets, 10 dogs which are all now absolutely fine.”

“Five of them are at the National Animal Centre in Longford — the ISPCA centre. All the dogs are fine, one has been reunited with its owner, and the rest will all be rehomed in due course,” he said.

The breeds removed from the shelter are believed to include huskies, labradors, and collies.

Mr Kelly said the issue of abandoned or stray dogs is still a “major problem”, with some 16,000 dogs ending up in local authority dog pounds last year. “Many of them aren’t microchipped so it’s very difficult for them for them to be reunited with their owners. Often they have health problems as well, so when they come to the dog shelters they have some significant issues.”

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