Rubberbandits go viral with ‘Fellas’

The Rubberbandits have done it again with a new video that is bound to amuse and cause offence in equal measure.

This time their target is people’s view of homosexuality and, as usual, they don’t mince their swearwords.

A puppet version of Irish actor Gabriel Byrne guest stars in the latest online satirical video offer from the Limerick comedy duo.

‘Fellas’ made its debut last week and the foul-mouthed duo are as controversial as ever.

Like their other offerings, this latest video has already gone viral, and Twitter users have ben hailing it another comedy masterpiece.

They’ve already dealt with the important Irish social issues of rural horse ownership and the importance of male dominance in courtship, as well as the aphrodisiac qualities of inhaling solvents.

English actor Stephen Fry gave a hat-tip to the boys, calling the video “splendid”. Comedian Russell Brand has also seen the funny side and has retweeted the song to his 8m followers.

He tweeted: “Always listen to @rubberbandits one day their prophecies may free us all”.

Drag artist Rory O’Neill, in his Panti Bliss persona, tweeted: “Ha! Amazing. @Rubber-bandits new song/video about fellas “fucking fellas” as sung by puppet Gabriel Byrne. Seriously.”

Health warning: View the video if you wish, in the safety of your own home. It may not be safe or sensible to view it at work, particularly if your speakers are turned up.

- The Rubberbandits are playing at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival until August 25.

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