Dublin hotel doesn’t give Garth fans the apology they were expecting

A hotel in Dublin yesterday apologised to Garth Brooks fans for getting their hopes up.

Dublin hotel doesn’t give Garth fans the apology they were expecting

The Charleville Lodge Hotel in Phibsborough in Dublin claimed they were contacted by a 'reliable' source from Aiken Promotions who told them that the five concerts were to go ahead.

The hotel then proceeded to post the information they had received on social media sites which was shared hundreds of times over the next few hours.

However, as we later all found, the information was wrong and the five concerts in question has all been cancelled by the country western star and Aiken.

Management at the hotel took to Facebook immediately after the news was announced with a one word status, "OOPS!!"

The hotel then posted another message apologising for misleading the people and that their source proved to be less than reliable.

The message that was posted however did not seem to end on a very apologetic note.

It began with the management at the hotel apologising for misleading the people and saying they were sorry for getting their hopes up.In reference to the 'Oops'comment they said that it was intended as a light-hearted way of diffusing the escalating hate mail they were receiving.

They accepted full responsibility for the incident and informed their Facebook followers that they were not hacked as had been suggested.

They also removed all Garth Brooks related posts from their Facebook page claiming that Aiken Promotions were threatening legal action.

It was at this point that the apology took a rather strange turn.

The management then said they look forward to continuing to receive the hateful messages from its followers and abusive calls.

They then encouraged people to take to travel review site, TripAdvisor, if they wished to damage the hotel's reputation with bad reviews.

Just when people thought they wouldn't hear from the hotel anymore that night another message appeared which looked as if it was mocking the people who were complaining about the conduct of the hotel.

A message came during the early hours of the morning saying "We have come to the conclusion that all the haters and abusers are suffering from a condition called 'Garthritis'"

However, that was not going to be the end of it. A few minute later another message appeared on the Facebook page.

"Its been fun replying to your 'Garthritis' abuse but gotta go to bed. Keep it comin and we'll get to it tomorrow.

"Soz again for earlier!"


The Charleville Lodge Hotel has posted another Facebook message this morning. They are requesting that the abuse can continue today but that it be abuse with conviction.

"We also request that you don't give any half-hearted abuse as that would be just boring.

"At the end of the day we will be publically name the top 10 abusers of the day"

"You gave hope where there was no hope Paul."

Manager of the Charleville Lodge hotel, Paul Stenson, also spoke on Liveline about his controversial Facebook strategy.

He told Philip Boucher Hayes that he believed in his source and only wanted to let the hotel fans know the good news. "Imagine if it had gone ahead, how much praise we'd have gotten."

His 'reliable' source has gotten a slap on the wrist for the misleading information but Mr Stenson refused to name and shame.

He said he has found the angry responses on Facebook "funny and entertaining", saying he highly recommends visiting the page and laughing at the comments and reviews will brighten anyone's Tuesday.

"You have to take a lighthearted approach to this," Mr Stenson explained. "A Facebook page is for engagement and it's for fun."

When questioned about the tone of his own replies, he said "even people threatening to burn the hotel down deserve replies and that's why I'm engaging with them."

While Mr. Stenson agrees that the large majority of the hotel's Facebook fans deserve an apology, he firmly believes people with 'Garthritis' need to get a life.

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