French probe into Ian Bailey a charade, says Buttimer

Ian Bailey’s solicitor Frank Buttimer has condemned as a “charade” and a “complete sham” the pending investigation by French police of the murder of Sophie Toscan du Plantier.

French probe into Ian Bailey a charade, says Buttimer

Speaking to the Irish Examiner, Mr Buttimer accused French authorities of “playing a game” and of hounding his client in an attempt to solve the du Plantier murder case.

“How dare they think that they can come to this country and continue to investigate Mr Bailey, having already unlawfully tried to remove him from this country on foot of a European arrest warrant which the Supreme Court held to be unlawful; and in circumstances where it’s quite clear that the only so-called ‘evidence’ which created the warrant in the first place is the evidence which the government is now reviewing by appointing a commission of inquiry into allegations of police corruption,” he said.

“How dare they continue to pursue a man who has not only not been charged with anything but, as far back as 13 years ago, our own director of public prosecutions produced documents that demolished the case against Ian Bailey.”

Despite the absence of any charges, Mr Bailey remained “a prisoner of the Republic of Ireland” because of the outstanding European arrest warrant, Mr Buttimer said.

French police are due to travel here next month to investigate the du Plantier case and are enabled to do so under the Mutual Assistance Act 2008. Relatives of Ms du Plantier, including her parents Marguerite and Georges Bouniol, are also coming and are planning to hold a press conference in Cork on May 17.

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