Adult entertainer goes on offensive after alleged rape threat from Irish DJ

An adult entertainer has claimed an amateur Irish DJ is an internet troll who emailed her with rape threats.

Adult entertainer goes on offensive after alleged rape threat from Irish DJ

The London-based web TV performer tweeted the contents of the email and accompanying photographs of the sender’s erect penis which he allegedly sent her in the early hours of last Sunday morning.

Comments he made included: “You are one proper whore and you will get raped so don’t walk home alone cos I know where u live.” He also referred to the woman, who is originally from Trinidad, in racist terms, calling her a “jungle bunny”.

Patrick Linnane, from Kilkee, Co Clare, whose email account was used to send the message, claimed when contacted that it was not his account as the sender’s profile stated he was a DJ with internet radio station Kiss FM Ireland which he said was not him.

When later presented with proof that he was the DJ in question and the account was his, he said he was out all night drinking over the weekend and knew nothing about the email.

He said someone might have hacked his account and he said he would be contacting Twitter to demand removal of the tweet.

Sophia Lares, who received the email, described it as sick. “Before you send sick emails, make sure you protect your identity Patrick Linnane that DJ’s at Kiss FM Ireland,” she tweeted to her 28,000 followers yesterday.

Fellow tweeters congratulated her on taking a stand but while she signed off with “lol” or laugh out loud, many replies to her tweet urged her to report it to the police.

Mr Linnane, who presents a weekly show on Kiss FM Ireland and plans to launch an internet station, Rough ‘n’ Ready Radio, on St Patrick’s Day, said the issue was not of public interest and it was “scummy” to approach him about it.

Fiona Neary, director of the Rape Crisis Network, said the fact comments or threats were made online and from another country did not diminish their impact.

“Women — and children and men — have the right to live in a safe environment and a safe environment is not one where you feel threatened,” she said.

“Whether or not it’s a virtual environment and regardless of how they live their lives, they have that right. The individual who sent this email seems to have a very low understanding of that.”

Ms Neary also said the lines between real life and fantasy could become blurred if people felt the normal rules of respect did not apply on social media.

Twitter suspended Mr Linnane’s Twitter account and removed Ms Lares’s tweet yesterday afternoon.

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