TV3 agrees not to rebroadcast footage of sisters

TV3 has consented to the making of a court order restraining it from rebroadcasting archive material it holds of two sisters leaving a court where a nephew was tried and convicted of murder and drugs charges.

TV3 agrees not to rebroadcast footage of sisters

Judge Matthew Deery was told in the Circuit Civil Court that Mary McKeon, Galtymore Rd, Drimnagh, Dublin 12, and her sister Lorraine Reilly, had sought injunctions under defamation legislation against TV3.

Ms McKeon said they were both filmed leaving the court in 2009 in the company of Natasha McEnroe, girlfriend of Brian Rattigan, aged 32, during his trial for the murder of Declan Gavin, aged 21, and the handing down of a life sentence and 17-year sentence on Rattigan for the murder and drugs offences.

She said the 2009 broadcast had gone out in the 5:30 news and had been repeated on Jan 11, 2011, and again in Mar 2013.

They were both aunts of Rattigan, who was a son of their sister, Eileen, and had attended the trial because their sister had not wanted to be at the hearings.

Ms McKeon stated in her affidavit that film of the sisters in the company of Ms McEnroe was defamatory of them in that it implied they endorsed or were involved in the gangland activities for which Rattigan had been imprisoned.

On Jan 2011, TV3 had broadcast a series entitled Cocaine Wars in which they used the 2009 court film. It was claimed this clearly portrayed them as supporters of Natasha McEnroe and supporters of criminal conduct.

Ms McKeon said in 2011, TV3 had given undertakings to their solicitor with respect to discontinuing the broadcast of the footage and had agreed to remove it from its website.

At the time, she and Ms Reilly had been satisfied with the undertaking and payment of their legal fees but in March, Rattigan had again been the subject of news broadcasts and again the footage had been broadcast.

Counsel for the sisters said TV3 had settled the proceedings by consenting to the court making an order restraining it from broadcasting the footage again. An agreement had been reached on costs.

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