Dr Eva quits Operation Transformation

The show that helps people lose excess weight has now lost its no-nonsense doctor.

Dr Eva quits Operation Transformation

Obesity specialist Eva Orsmond says she is leaving Operation Transformation because she is simply too busy expanding her clinics and working on a new book on weight loss.

Her friend, Rebecca Burrell, said her departure from the show had nothing to do with her spat with the show’s youngest leader, Charlotte O’Connell from Bailieborough, Co Cavan.

Dr Eva Orsmond is leaving the show

In the last season, the outspoken doctor reduced Charlotte, 23, to tears for failing to meet her target.

“Cop on and wipe those tears and work hard next week,” Dr Eva told her.

Charlotte, who was 16st 8lbs when she joined the show and now weights 12st 12lbs, said she and Dr Eva had resolved their differences on the show.

“I was upset at the time but Dr Eva gave me that push and determination to come back and prove myself the next week,” she told RTÉ’s Miriam O’Callaghan yesterday. “That’s what I did and I am out the other side now so it is all good.”

The doctor, who issued a statement yesterday, said that she had reluctantly taken the decision to step down from the show after “a fantastic six years”.

“I am engaged in developing several new projects in my clinics with a focus on childhood obesity, anti-ageing and complete nutritional services,” she said.

The show’s presenter, Kathryn Thomas, said she would never forget the first time she met Dr Eva.

“She was wearing a big fur coat and came down asking me who I was,” said Kathryn. “ ‘You know I am the lady on this show,’ she told me.”

Former leader Deirdre Hosford from Whitechurch, Co Cork, who weighed 14st 6lbs on the last series, now weighs 10st 6lbs.

The mother of two will qualify as a personal trainer in the next few of weeks.

“Eight months ago, I could not walk around the corner so becoming a personal trainer is a huge change for me,” she said.

*To take part in the show email ot@vipmg.tv or call 01 8641444.

To the point

Dr Eva Orsmond’s most memorable quotes:

- I’m shocked. You are morbidly obese.

- I want an absolute detailed diet diary.

- I want to know what you are doing every moment.

- This programme is about spirit and, to be honest, I am a little bit annoyed to see you there in your tears.

- You are very unhealthy.

- You knew what you were facing.

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