Furey in running for role in new Affleck movie

Folk legend Finbar Furey has revealed he is in the running to star opposite Ben Affleck in a big budget Irish-American gangster movie.

Furey in running for role in new Affleck movie

The singer, who recently appeared in Love/Hate, has read for the part of Affleck’s Boston Irish father in the hotly anticipated Live By Night, which was penned by the creator of Mystic River and Gone Baby Gone.

The Dubliner, who shared the screen with Daniel Day-Lewis and Leonardo Di Caprio in Gangs of New York, readfor the role of Thomas Coughlin, a high-ranking, Boston-Irish police officer and a cruel parent to his son Joe, played by Affleck, who becomes a crime boss.

The musician, who appeared on RTÉ’s talent show The Hit this week, told Ryan Tubridy on his radio show that he enjoyed auditioning for the role of the father of the Oscar- winning actor, who is to play Batman next year.

“I just did a reading for Ben Affleck,” said Furey. “It is to do with the mafia in Boston. I play the part of his father, who is a very clean cop, who has never dirtied his hands. [Ben Affleck] is one of these mafia bosses and I’m disgusted by it. I did the reading for it and I’ll keep my fingers crossed. It was great. I did it in the middle of doing The Hit.”

Furey said he loved talking part in the show. “It was great fun,” he said. “It was great craic. I thought it was a brilliant idea for young songwriters. That’s what appeals to me. It gives the lads a bit of chance.”

He chose Gerry Fleming’s song, ‘The Last Great Love Song’, to be his next single, while Mundy chose ‘Jigsaw Man’. The week’s highest charting act will go through to the finale next Friday.

He also told how he loved starring as the father of another gangster boss in TV drama, Love/Hate.

“I played the part of Johnboy’s father, this old mafia gent,” he said. “I had a ball with the lads. It was great working with them.”

And the folk legend said he feels lucky to be alive after having a heart attack last October. “It was my wedding anniversary,” he said. “Myself and Sheila were going out that night with the family. It was a good job I was at home. If I had been in a hotel room I would have ended up not making it.”

He said he was “livid” when the doctor told him he was having a heart attack after the ambulance arrived at his Dublin home. “I said: ‘What? A new album coming out... Mother of Jaysus’”, he said laughing.

“He wouldn’t let me walk into the ambulance. It was one of these things. They put a stent in. I went to Australia for a five-week tour after having the bang. It was fantastic.”

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