Emergency call played at Bandon murder trial

A murder trial jury yesterday heard a recording of a 999 call from a man who claimed to have seen a body being thrown over the balcony outside his building.

Emergency call played at Bandon murder trial

The garda officer asked the caller to clarify one of the names he had mentioned in this regard and he replied, “Catherine Connors”.

Catherine O’Connor of Bridge House, Sean Hales Place, Bandon, Co Cork, went into the second day of her trial at the Central Criminal Court sitting in Cork charged with the murder of Jonathan Duke, 27, at Bridge House on Nov 13 2011, a charge she denies.

The 999 call was played yesterday to Mr Justice Paul Carney and the jury of eight women and four men, where the caller said there was blood all the way down the stairs of a building and that he had seen a body being thrown over a balcony outside.

The caller introduced himself as Aaron Nolan of Bridge House, Bandon, and said a body had been thrown over a balcony.

“There is all blood going down the stairs,” Mr Nolan’s voice was heard to say in the 999 recording. He was asked whose body had been thrown over the bridge.

Mr Nolan was heard replying on the phone call, “Dukie I think, I’m not sure, we just seen the body flying over, not over the bridge, over railing to the garden. There is blood pouring all down from the apartments.”

On the opening day of the trial, Tim O’Leary, prosecution senior counsel, told the jury there would be evidence that Mr Duke’s body was found in the Bandon river and that his death was due to strangulation and blood loss. Yesterday, Detective Garda Pat Dolan testified in relation to crime scene photographs, including one of Mr Duke’s body on a path by the river after it had been removed from the water by gardaí.

He was dressed in white socks, no shoes, boxers, black tracksuit bottom and his stomach area was bare.

“Over the deceased’s head there was a grey top and black vest. It was up over the deceased’s head. He was wearing a gold neck chain,” Det Garda Dolan said.

The trial will resume at the Central Criminal Court sitting in Cork on Tuesday.

Lawyers in the case have indicated to the judge and jury that the trial could last three weeks.

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