Burglar guilty of assaulting grandmother but cleared of sex attack

A Limerickman was found not guilty of two charges of sexually assaulting a grandmother after entering her home as a burglar.

Dean Martin was found guilty of assault causing harm to the woman.

Martin, aged 21, of Ballyclough Avenue, Ballinacurra West, denied two charges of sexual assault on the woman after breaking into her house, and assault causing harm during a burglary at the house.

The jury returned a unanimous not guilty verdict to the two sexual assault charges but found him guilty of assaulting her causing harm during a burglary.

Judge Carroll Moran adjourned sentence for the assault causing harm charge to May 15.

The woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, said she was at home alone on the night of Sept 1/2, 2011, watching television while she lay on a couch.

She spoke by phone to her partner who was out at a social club and she had one can of cider.

Her partner, who did not live with her, told her he would call. At this point she felt a hand coming over her face and dropped the phone.

She got a fright and began to struggle with a man, not knowing what was happening.

During the struggle, the hood he was wearing was pulled down, showing his face.

He had his pants pulled down and after he moved his hands from over her face, he put it between her thighs trying to push open her legs. She was wearing a skirt. The woman began to scream.

Following the phone conversation with her partner, she knew he would be at the house soon as he told her was getting a taxi.

When a knock came to the door, her attacker, who was on top of her, pulled up his pants and ran off.

She identified Martin in court as the man who attacked her.

Following the attack she was treated by a doctor for bruises to her thighs and arms.

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