Court hears 999 call in Limerick rape case

A jury heard a 999 call from a Limerick grandmother, who was calling for Garda assistance at her home and saying a man she knew tried to rape her.

Dean Martin, aged 21 of Ballyclough Avenue, Ballinacurra West, has pleaded not guilty to breaking into the woman’s house, sexually assaulting her, and assaulting her causing harm.

The woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, earlier told the trial she was at home alone on the night of Sept 1/2, 2011, lying on a sittingroom couch, watching Vincent Browne on TV when a male intruder pounced with his trousers down and tried to push open her legs.

The jury yesterday heard a 999 call by her, which was relayed to the communications room at Henry St Garda headquarters. The caller identified herself and said a “fella” she knew came into her house tried to rape her.

Dr Richard Murray, a GP who examined the grandmother, said she had bruising to her inner and left upper thigh and his diagnosis was that she had multiple bruising as a result of assault.

Evidence finished yesterday.

The grandmother, in her evidence, said that shortly before the attack she spoke by phone to her partner, who was out at a social club.

Her partner, who did not live with her, told her he would call later. At this point she felt a hand coming over face and she dropped the phone.

She got a fright and began to struggle with a man, not knowing what was happening. During the struggle, the hoodie her attacker came down, revealing his face.

He had his pants pulled down and then moved his hand from her face. She was wearing a skirt and he put his hand between her thighs trying to push open her legs.

She began to scream.

Following the phone conversation with her partner, she knew he would be at the house shortly as he told her he was getting a taxi. When a knock came to the door, her attacker who, by then, was on top of her, pulled up his pants. He ran off.

She identified Martin in court as the man who attacked her.

The woman’s partner said when he knocked on the door he heard sounds like a struggle and his partner was shouting and screaming. He knocked several times again and he heard his partner roar his name. The door then opened and a man ran past him with a hoodie up. He tried to grab this man, who vaulted a wall and ran off. His partner was hysterical when he entered the front sitting room.

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