Request for information over dishwasher recall

The National Consumer Agency has requested “detailed information” from a company over dishwashers here which have been recalled in Britain.

German manufacturer Bosch recalled a number of its dishwasher models in Britain in Jul 2011. However, no such recall took place in Ireland, despite a fire incident occurring here last October.

Director Ireland for BSH Home Appliances, Brian McMenamin, yesterday advised consumers to check their dishwashers and to register their information with the company so it can arrange a repair free of charge. The “voluntary repair action” is for a number of Bosch, Neff and Siemens dishwashers made between 1999 and 2005, of which 29,000 were sold here.

In a statement yesterday, the agency has said it has sought detailed information from Bosch on the issue and will not make any further comment until it has received this information.

“The NCA welcomes any initiative that improves the safety of consumers. We have requested detailed information from Bosch under the General Product Safety Directive and will be making no further comment until we have considered it in the context of our statutory remit,” said a statement.

Reports in Britain highlighted there have been fires involving the batch of dishwashers while fire officials there said the appliances caused a “significant risk”.

However, RTÉ’s The Consumer Show last night highlighted at least one Dublin woman, Ger Corcoran, who had the same make and model dishwasher as was recalled in Britain, was left shaken after her dishwasher burst into flames.

* The Bosch freephone number is 1800 322222.

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