Listeners ‘tuning out’ of popular radio shows

The country’s main radio stations are all celebrating an increase in listener numbers — but the latest JNLR figures still show people are switching off several of the most popular programmes.

At RTÉ Radio 1 it would appear to be the station’s daily morning and early afternoon programmes which are particularly suffering.

The iconic news show Morning Ireland has experienced a drop of 13,000 from last year though it still has 441,000 listeners. The John Murray Show has suffered a drop of 12,000 to 318,000 and 6,000 fewer are tuning in to Pat Kenny’s show, which attracts 321,000. Ronan Collins has 22,000 fewer people listening in.

However, the rest of the afternoon appears to be popular. News at One is up 32,000 listeners to 366,000, Liveline is up 33,000 to 431,000 and Drivetime is up 28,000 to 266,000.

The Marian Finucane Show had one of the biggest increases, according to the JNLR figures, with 53,000 more listeners bringing the show’s total to 388,000.

Jim Jennings, head of Radio 1, said: “It’s been a good month for RTÉ Radio 1. We started it by winning PPI National Station of the Year 2012, and we’re ending it with strong gains across the afternoon, for News at One, Mooney, Liveline and Drivetime. Despite small losses in the mornings, Radio 1 has gained 22,000 listeners to its weekly reach year on year to 1,327,000. It’s an achievement we will be building on throughout 2013.”

RTÉ is also celebrating a significant number of successes for its presenters at 2FM. Breakfast with Hector saw an increase of 13,000 to 138,000 and Rick O’Shea’s listenership increased by 12,000 to 125,000. One of the few 2FM presenters not to see an increase was Ryan Tubridy whose figure remained at 175,000.

At Today FM, Ian Dempsey had an increase of 36,000, Ray D’Arcy’s listenership jumped by 21,000 to 249,000 and The Last Word with Matt Cooper gained 16,000 more listeners.

At Newstalk, The Right Hook experienced an increase of 15,000 listeners in the last year — Breakfast grew 18,000 to 133,000.

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