Man refused bail to attend the funeral of murdered brother

Bail was refused yesterday to the Corkman who wanted to attend the funeral of his brother, whose body was found in a plastic bag at a flat in Dublin.

Peter Jackson, aged 37, of 18 Fairhill Rd, Cork, has been in custody since May on a charge of seriously assaulted a man in Cork who died as a result of his injuries.

Defence solicitor Eddie Burke put to his client during yesterday’s bail application: “The State is concerned you are in custody for a very serious matter and that if granted bail there might be issues. How would convince the State?”

Mr Jackson replied: “All I want is to get out for my brother’s funeral. There will be no issues. I will return back to prison after. I am off everything. I am doing drug counselling. This case has really opened my eyes.”

The body of 53-year-old Christopher Jackson was found in a wardrobe at 82 Prussia St, Dublin, on Sept 8.

Mr Jackson is accused of assault causing serious harm to David Hamilton at Fairhill Rd on May 4. Mr Hamilton died days later.

Det Sgt Denis Lynch objected to Mr Jackson’s release on bail due to factors including the seriousness of the charge and concerns about the latter’s addiction to heroin (diamorphine) at the time of his arrest.

It is alleged that Mr Jackson’s assault on Mr Hamilton arose out of what Det Sgt Lynch described as “a row over the taking of diamorphine in the house”.

Judge Con O’Leary refused bail. “He has good reason not to come back. The funeral could pose a lot of stress and I anticipate he would seek to resolve his stress chemically and that would diminish his chances of coming back.”

While gardaí objected to bail and Judge O’Leary refused the bail application, that does not mean that Mr Jackson will not be able to attend his brother’s funeral, though not at liberty.

The governor of Limerick Prison stated in a letter that was before Cork District Court yesterday that even if Mr Jackson was on remand he could be brought to the funeral under prison officer escort.

The serious assault case on which Mr Jackson was remanded in custody was adjourned until Thursday when he will be before Cork District Court by video link to the prison.

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