Roadside delivery is year’s first for Clare

The number of people actually born on Co Clare soil swelled by one in the early hours of Friday morning when baby Éirinn Christina Robbins Logue was born on the side of the road in the small Burren village of Corofin.

Éirinn’s parents, Caralyn Robbins and Phil Logue, were about to drop their two older children at their aunt’s house at Laghtagoona in Corofin before carrying on to hospital in Galway, when Éirinn decided her big moment had arrived.

The momentous birth took place on the road outside Caralyn’s sister Crystel’s house, with dad Phil acting as a more than capable midwife.

The birth came just a week after Carolyn dreamed that the baby would be born in a car on the way to the hospital and would be born a girl.

Baby Éirinn’s birth is the first recorded births to take place on Clare soil this year. Bona fide Clare babies have been in short supply since the closure of maternity services in the county more then 10 years ago and new figures from the Central Statistic Office show that there is now more people born outside the county living in Clare than true-blooded Clare people.

“By the time I got to the driveway, I couldn’t even drive up to the house, I had to stop right there. I was like a headless chicken,” said delighted father Phil yesterday.

“It was me that delivered the baby. Caralyn was standing up, she had got out of the car to try and get into the house, so she was standing up leaning on the door of the jeep. She said ‘the baby is coming, the baby is coming’.

“Sure enough the baby’s head was already out. She told me that the baby was coming right then so I cupped the baby’s head in my hand. There was a big whoosh and the baby came flying out and I caught it.

“Crystel was on the phone to the 999 operator, who was giving us advice, and she then came over and helped wrap up the baby and we handed it up to Caralyn. Out of the three of us, I think mum was the most calm. Myself and Crystel were panicking but Caralyn was the most calm of all of us.

“I really have to give my sincere thanks to Crystel, I don’t know what I would have done if she wasn’t there, and Peter and the rest of the ambulance crew and paramedics and also the 999 operator for their professionalism and for taking care of us so well.”

Weighing just over six pounds, baby Éirinn is fit and healthy and is already being doted on by her sister Isabelle, 4, and brother Aiden, 3.

“This is the first of my children to actually have been born on Clare soil and that is something that we are very happy about,” continued Phil.

“I think if we hadn’t already decided on a name for Éirinn, we would have called her Clare, but we already had the name picked out.”

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