Man convicted of assaulting former girlfriend

A young man who denied assaulting his ex-girlfriend was convicted of the crime yesterday as the judge described his evidence as alarming.

Judge Olann Kelleher described the evidence given by the injured party, Morgana Crowley, as “so straightforward and so honest”.

Shane Collins, aged 24, of 17 Inchera Lawn, Mahon, Cork, admitted punching Ms Crowley’s current boyfriend, Seán Fitzgerald, but denied assaulting her.

Judge Kelleher said that in contrast to the alarming comments made by Collins against his ex-girlfriend, whom he termed “evil”, her evidence about him was fair and reasonable.

Ms Crowley said when Collins hit her it might have been by accident as he was trying to hit Mr Fitzgerald.

Judge Kelleher put this to the defendant and gave him the opportunity to reconsider his evidence but Collins insisted: “I didn’t touch Morgana Crowley.”

Judge Kelleher convicted Collins of assaulting Ms Crowley and imposed a three-month suspended sentence. He imposed a concurrent three-month suspended sentence for assaulting Mr Fitzgerald, to which Collins pleaded guilty.

Mr Fitzgerald said his girlfriend and a few other girls were at the Savoy Theatre and at 3am on Jan 30, 2011, he drove into town to collect her. When she was in the front seat, he said Collins jumped into the back of the car and punched him in the face. Ms Crowley said she was also struck in the face.

Inspector Gary McPolin put it to Collins that he assaulted them because he was jealous. Collins said he was not. Asked why Ms Crowley would offer the evidence she gave, Collins replied: “Because she is evil, there is something wrong with her… she is a liar, basically.”

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