Barrister demands boycott over Limerick jibe on cookery show

A senior barrister in Limerick has called on people to boycott products advertised on TV3 following derogatory remarks made about his native city on Come Dine With Me by one of its celebrity guests.

Brendan Nix, 59, a barrister for over 35 years, said he “loves the programme but will never watch it again” after last week’s episodes.

In the latest celebrity version of the show, magazine publisher Michael O’Doherty makes a number of remarks about Limerick, which he has since apologised for.

The contentious conversation arose after Limerick model Madeline Mulqueen, star of the music video for the Rubberbandits single ‘Horse Outside’, put tomato ketchup on lobster cooked by Mr O’Doherty.

He reacted by saying: “That’s the grossest thing I’ve seen since the last time I was in Limerick.”

Then, before serving his main course of duck, he said he was confident that duck had “reached Limerick”.

“I think the duck will be OK,” he said. “I think duck has reached Limerick. I think I’m OK on that front.”

Mr Nix said he rang TV3 after the programme aired on Thursday to complain, and threatened legal action if the broadcaster did not apologise — even though a defamation case cannot be taken by a city.

“I’m incandescent with rage,” he said.

“Incandescent is not even the word for it.”

Mr Nix said he “loves Limerick”, but was “sick of the cheap jibes” thrown at the area, which he feels hurt the city’s reputation.

“I’m sick of all the slagging and I’m not taking it any more.

“The people of Limerick are good, decent people. This is just one more nail in Limerick’s coffin.”

Mr Nix said he was prepared to stand outside the offices of VIP magazine to call for a boycott of the publication until an apology was issued.

He also urged yesterday people to boycott products advertised on the station until TV3 apologises for airing those statements.

“I am asking the people of Limerick, and in particular the women of Limerick, to wave their purses at them and say ‘We are not going to buy the goods advertised by you’.”

He has urged Mr O’Doherty to visit Limerick and write a positive article on the city in one of his publications.

Mr O’Doherty yesterday said he wished to apologise.

“The last thing in the world that I’d do is insult the people of Limerick. It was said in the heat of the moment — I was in the kitchen for eight hours,” he said.

“Rather than just slagging Madeline off, I slagged off where she was from as well. I shouldn’t have done it.

“I never deal in stereotypes. I have no prejudice whatsoever towards the city. If it came across like that I can genuinely hold my hand up and say I’m sorry.”

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