O’Callaghan to seek judicial review of findings

Cork-based property developer Owen O’Callaghan is to seek a High Court judicial review of the Mahon Tribunal report findings, describing the procedures used by the judges as “biased, unfair and unjust”.

The report found that ex-Fianna Fáil TD Liam Lawlor’s relationship with Frank Dunlop and Mr O’Callaghan was “firmly based in corruption”.

It also agreed with broadcaster Eamon Dunphy’s evidence that Mr O’Callaghan told him how he had “taken care of” ex-taoiseach Bertie Ahern in return for a promised favour.

The inquiry also concluded that the “fact” Mr O’Callaghan revealed the information to Mr Dunphy corroborated similar allegations by another developer.

Rejecting its findings, Mr O’Callaghan described developer Tom Gilmartin’s evidence as “inconsistent, contradictory and unreliable”.

“The tribunal, through its quite extraordinary protection and mentoring of Mr Gilmartin, has produced what is clearly an inevitable result, having regard to all that has been spent on the process.

“In a judgment of the Superior Courts of this country, his evidence was decried as being unreliable. Yet it appears from the report that his evidence remains the principal foundation for all of the adverse findings against me.

“It is simply breathtaking that the tribunal appears to have accepted every allegation made by Mr Gilmartin as the basis for their report.”

Mr O’Callaghan said there was widespread support for Quarryvale and that like many other businesses, he had supported politicians’ election campaigns, long before he was involved in the project.


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