Garda applies to be restored to post

A ministerial Garda driver who has brought a High Court case over his removal from that duty has denied his wife’s claim that he put his official revolver to his mouth during a matrimonial dispute.

Garda applies to be restored to post

Liam Farrell, aged 51, who had been driver for the late Seamus Brennan while he was Fianna Fáil chief whip, claims he was effectively demoted arising out of his wife’s disputed claim, the court heard.

He wants the court to restore him to his position, or an alternative similar position, along with payments and pension entitlements he enjoyed as a ministerial driver.

The court heard he became Mr Brennan’s driver in 1998.

He claimed that after the family got a computer, his wife became addicted to internet chat rooms. He made an appointment with a psychiatrist for her to deal with it and on May 29, 2000, he asked her to come to his bedroom to discuss the matter.

She claimed he took his revolver and put it to his mouth. She said she ran out screaming.

Garda Farrell said what happened was that she refused to discuss the matter and went off shouting.

The court heard his wife, who has been living in England with their three children for the past 10 years, will be giving evidence next week.

Two gardaí called to the family home later that day and Garda Farrell agreed to hand over his firearm and ammunition.

An internal investigation was launched with an assistant commissioner later recommending he be cautioned over the incident.

In the meantime he was posted to protection duty at the Central Bank mint.

The defence denies his claims and says he was never assigned as a permanent ministerial driver. They also deny his career has been ruined or that he has suffered financial loss.

The hearing continues.

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