Man who chased neighbour with axe gets 3 months

A MIDDLE-AGED man armed with an axe who chased his neighbour through fields on Christmas Eve has been given a three-month jail sentence.

Judge Con O’Leary said in respect of the accused man’s neighbours: “These people deserve to live in peace without this kind of oppression by Mr Savage.”

Niall Savage, 44, of Killeen, Vicarstown, Tower, Blarney, Co Cork, was previously convicted on a charge of assaulting Jeremiah Murphy at Kerry Road, Blarney, at 4.40pm on December 24, 2010, and being in possession of an axe.

It was never alleged that there was any physical contact made by the defendant but that the assault had taken the form of putting Mr Buckley in fear of being struck.

Recognisances of €400 were fixed for an appeal. Conditions of bail pending an appeal require Savage to stay away from the neighbours, Jeremiah Murphy and family, and abstain from alcohol.

Mr Murphy previously testified that the defendant first called to his house after lunch on Christmas Eve and said he had issues with Mr Murphy for not saluting him when passing.

Mr Murphy said he offered to shake hands with Savage and told him to go home to his family.

Later, when Mr Murphy was walking in fields near his home, he saw the defendant armed with an axe running after him.

“I never bothered him, he had no reason to come threatening me,” Mr Murphy said.

Frances Murphy described the upset that her neighbour had caused that day.

“It destroyed my Christmas and my Easter as well and all the time in between. I am shattered,” she said.

Garda Peter Desmond described seeing the defendant putting down the axe after members of the Regional Support Unit repeatedly shouted at him: “Drop the axe.”

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