Recycling firms unveil €245m investment plan

LOW landfill levies and the Poolbeg incinerator stalemate are blocking a multi-million euro investment and the creation of hundreds of jobs, waste recycling companies have claimed.

The Irish Waste Management Association (IWMA) unveiled a plan yesterday that envisages a €245 million investment creating 235 new full-time jobs and 500 shorter term construction jobs over three years.

It says a resized Poolbeg and action to tackle the low cost of landfill will allow the private waste sector to invest in facilities that already have planning and licences.

The IWMA believes waste recycling companies are capable of managing all waste arising in the Dublin region, a move that will not only create new jobs but will underpin the 900 existing jobs in the waste sector.

The association says the current low price of landfill needs to be addressed and the proposed incinerator at Poolbeg scaled back.

* WMA spokesperson Brendan Keane said their development plan was both realistic and achievable. “Critically, none of the IWMA development plans are underwritten by the taxpayer,” he said. “These plans will enhance the variety of ways in which waste is treated, creating jobs, promoting competition and benefiting the consumer,” he said.

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