Replica rings offer a touch of royalty for a mere €9

THOUSANDS of a €9 replica of Kate Middleton’s engagement ring have been sold in Debenhams stores in Ireland and Britain.

Since the Vicenza ring went on sale this month, wannabe princesses have been snapping up the royal blue replica sparkler.

Debenhams created the replica in response to “overwhelming” demand. The replica has been Debenhams’ best-selling jewellery item of the year.

In value it may be a far cry from the platinum, 18-carat sapphire and 14 diamonds that make up the Garrard ring that Charles gave to Diana in 1981, and that Prince William gave to Kate on their engagement.

At the time it was bought, Diana’s ring, a Windsor family heirloom, cost £28,500, and is now valued at more than £250,000 (€282,127).

Similar in size to the real sparkler, the replica ring demonstrates the impressive scale of the stone, which is the size of a knuckle.

Debenhams spokeswoman Karen Nason said women have been captivated by the romance of the occasion.

“Lots of women all over the world are wondering what it would be like to slip into Kate Middleton’s shoes, so it’s great to be able to offer our customers the chance to feel royal without having to steal the crown jewels to afford it.”

She said two other similar versions of the ring stocked by Debenhams are also selling extremely well.

“The popularity of the ring has been unprecedented. We have sold out of this style online and in our main stores. Some stores still have a few available and they are hoping to get some more stock of the rings into stores over the next few days.”

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