Residents reassured as regeneration foundations are dug

HOUSING Minister Michael Finneran, who visited Limerick Regeneration estates yesterday, said it was important that people saw new houses being built.

To date, most of the work being done in estates has involved the demolition of derelict and abandoned houses.

At Moyross, where work will commence next February on 15 family homes and 20 apartments, Mr Finneran said it promises to be a beautiful development.

“I understand local residents are very enthusiastic about this development and that is very important as we don’t want to build something people don’t like as we are not in the business of imposing on people.”

Mr Finneran was briefed on the many community projects now being supported by the regeneration agency which is charged with the total redevelopment of Southill, Moyross, St Mary’s Park and Ballinacurra Weston.

Residents in Moyross have been concerned at the lack of progress in developing new houses. One said: “At long last we are seeing foundations being dug out with work due to start on the new houses and apartment.

“A lot of people were losing hope that the nothing was happening only houses being knocked. Now in the next few months we will begin to see houses being built. When the work gets under way it will give the whole place a big boost.”

Mr Finneran acknowledged the challenging financial climate, but reiterated the Government’s commitment to the delivery of Phase 1 of the regeneration programme. He said: “In our time in government, we have consistently sought to address social and economic disadvantage wherever it arose, and that principle still holds true, even in these trying times.

“In preparing the Four-Year plan for National Recovery, we have made sure regeneration remains a priority, with the regeneration of Limerick a key project over the four years.”

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