Lonely black swan finds love on riverbank

AN isolated lonely visitor to Limerick has found love by the Shannon.

A lonely black swan, indigenous to Australia, was first spotted near Castleconnell in August.

But after a number of youths shot at him with a pellet gun the swan moved down river and took refuge at O’Callaghan Strand near the city centre.

Last week he went missing for days, and returned with a mate – another black swan.

Turlough McNamara who was one of the first to spot the new couple said: “I was celebrating Arthur’s Day the previous night so I thought I was seeing double. Since I first read about the black swan I have been keeping an eye out for him every time I pass Sarsfield Bridge.”

Photographer Kevin O’Dwyer has been chronicling the movements of the black swan.

He said: “The pair must have been together before and they got lost and separated. But now they are united again and hopefully they will settle in Limerick.”

One theory is that the pair of black swans may have been the same birds bought by Beamish stout and placed in a manmade lake, but who have been missing for a number of months.

The swan watchers are now keeping a eye to see if any black cygnets emerge on the Shannon.

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