Irish architects in high demand on Canadian visa list

AS the Irish construction industry continues to decline, architects and other building workers are being actively sought in Canada.

Changes this week to the Canadian immigration program have seen architects added to the list of 29 in demand professions who are eligible to apply for a permanent residency visa if they have 12 months work experience.

Canadian Visa Specialists spokesman Chris Willis said “it was not expected that architects would join the list of needed professions but it does indicate the health of the construction industry in Canada”.

He added: “The addition of this job category to the list means that you still need to score the minimum requirement of 67 points to qualify for a visa as well as one year’s work experience in the profession within the last 10 years. The points are usually not a problem for Irish citizens who have English as their first language”.

The Royal Institute of the Architects of Ireland estimates that half of its approximately 3,000 members are unemployed.

Electricians, plumbers, welders, crane operators and carpenters all remain “in-demand” occupations in Canada. Social workers were also a new addition to the in demand list.

Occupations which Canada has dropped from its “in-demand” list include: supervisory level nurses (registered nurses remain on the list); occupational therapists; financial managers; IT managers and accountants.

Meanwhile US firms in Ireland are recruiting and have more than 1,250 job vacancies according to a survey from the American Chamber of Commerce.

Some 72% of firms said they will be recruiting this year with 68% now recruiting to fill 1,250 roles such as engineering, research and development, finance and office administration.

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