Man gets €10k after colleague shaves off eyebrow

A PROPERTY manager visiting Cork for a Christmas party woke up in a car outside a pub to find that his head had been shaved along with one of his eyebrows and yesterday he was awarded €10,000 in compensation for his psychological trauma.

“It was highly embarrassing, it did not really suit the image I would like to portray,” David Madden testified yesterday at Cork Circuit Court, where he wore a shirt and tie and navy pinstripe suit.

Adding to the embarrassment for Mr Madden, who was 26 years old at the time, he was about to meet his girlfriend’s parents and family for the first time that Christmas and had to do so with a shaven head and one missing eyebrow.

Mr Madden recalled the incident for Judge Patrick J Moran yesterday.

“We were coming back from a company Christmas party. We stopped at a bar in Fermoy. I fell asleep in the car. I had had five or six pints.

“The lads went across to a shop and bought a scissors and disposable razor blades. I woke up and found out what had happened. I was traumatised,” Mr Madden said.

Because of the way in which his hair had been partly cut and partly shaved off he had no option but to shave his head and wait a few months for his hair to grow back.

The incident occurred on December 19, 2004, on Emmet Street, Fermoy, Co Cork.

Mr Madden, from Main Street, Cappamore, Co Limerick, was 26 at the time and employed by Essendon Construction of Dunshaughlin, Co Meath, and DDP Drainage of Martin’s Row, Dublin, two of the defendants in the action. The third defendant was work colleague Peter Bettens, Church Road, Kiltale, Co Meath.

The defendants did not contest yesterday’s case, which was before the court only for the purpose of assessing the damages which should be paid to Mr Madden.

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