Graduates faring well in jobs market, poll finds

COLLEGE graduates are faring relatively well in the increasingly restricted jobs market, one university’s findings have indicated.

While national unemployment rates are approaching 12%, just 8% of almost 2,300 people who were available for work after graduating from National University of Ireland Galway (NUIG) in 2008 were seeking employment.

The research was carried out this year, between six and nine months after participants qualified with primary degrees, with 62% of those surveyed responding.

Just under 51% of those who took part had taken up further study, up from 49% of 2007 graduates and from 47% at the same time two years ago.

One in every six NUIG science graduates who was available to work was looking for a job when surveyed, while the corresponding figure for arts graduates was one in 10 of those who did not take up further study and were in a position to seek employment.

One in four law graduates who was available for work was looking for a job, with the vast majority of those who had received a law degree gone on to further study.

Those most likely to be working were medicine and other health science degree holders, 95% of whom were working.

While findings for 2008 graduates of all colleges are still being collated by the Higher Education Authority, most have reported a significant peak in interest for further studies among recent graduates.

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