Split in feud gang follows truce move

A SPLIT has developed in one of Limerick’s feud gangs over moves to call a truce.

It is believed the Keane- Collopy faction based in St Mary’s Park — the Island Field — are divided over approaches made in recent days by the rival McCarthy- Dundon gang based in Ballinacurra Weston about a truce.

The feud has claimed 10 lives to date and there have been hundreds of shootings and other violent incidents.

An approach was made to a senior member of the Collopy family on behalf of a leading member of the McCarthy-Dundons.

This leading gang member has just been released from jail after serving a four-year sentence arising out of a threat made at the trial of five members of the McCarthy Dundon gang for the murder of rival crime boss, Kieran Keane.

Talks of a new truce emerged after known criminals gathered last week to attend the funeral of a teenage girl who died in tragic circumstances.

Members of the McCarthy and Ryan families from Moyross attended the funeral and have close links to the McCarthy-Dundons.

Following a request from the recently released gang leader, the McCarthys and Ryans set up a meeting in Moyross with a senior figure from the Collopy group.

Terms of a truce were agreed at the meeting.

However, when the Collopys sought support for the truce from allies the Keanes, it was not forthcoming.

A well-placed source said: “The Keanes do not trust the McCarthy-Dundon since the murder of Kieran Keane. He was lured into a trap believing he was going to a meeting with the McCarthy-Dundons about the two Ryan brothers who were supposed to be missing at the time. However, it was an elaborate trap which cost Kieran Keane his life.”

Owen Treacy, a relative of Kieran Keane who was also abducted on the night of the murder in January 2003, survived up to 17 stab wounds.

His evidence helped convict five members of the McCarthy-Dundon gang of the murder.

Christy Keane, the head figure of the Keane family, is currently serving a 10-year sentence for drugs offences.

With remission he is due out next February.

His son Liam was at the centre of a controversy earlier this week when it emerged he was running a bebo website from his cell in Limerick prison, where he is on remand for a firearms charge.

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