LifeFM aims to shine a light

THE country’s first fully licensed Christian radio station was launched yesterday vowing to spread its message of hope over the airways.

Music-driven LifeFM, which is aimed at the lucrative youth market, will broadcast from studios in the Cork suburb of Togher across the city and suburbs 24-hours a day on 93.1fm.

But station manager, Brian Daly, said chart music that promotes alcohol, drugs, sex or violence is banned from its playlist.

Contemporary Christian rock music from groups such as DC Talk and Jars of Clay, Christian rap and even Christian heavy metal will feature on all programmes.

“Christian music is the fastest growing music sector in the world,” he said.

“People have lost their way in the modern world and suicide is a growing phenomenon.

“LifeFM seeks to bring hope, to tell people that God has a great future for them.

“Because we are multi-denominational, we don’t promote any one Christian doctrine.

“We are not overly religious — we bring the Christian message that we all agree on,” he said.

The station’s promotional jingle is “LifeFM: spreading the light over Cork”.

It will target 25-45 year-olds during the day and 18-35 year-olds in the evening, with its 7pm Youth Live show aimed at teenagers and young people.

Although the station has been broadcasting since March 16, Cork’s Lord Mayor Donal Counihan performed the official launch yesterday.

Mr Daly said the station will reflect the lives and aspirations of the Cork Christian community through a broad range of programming that will inform, challenge and entertain while maintaining Christian values.

He promised positive, family-friendly and uplifting programming that was of particular appeal to the Christian community.

The station will also feature a Thought of the Day slot and features on the lives of saints “whose lives serve as an inspiration to all believers”.

Life FM is a registered charity and is staffed by one paid production engineer and up to 50 volunteers.

Up to 90% of its operating costs are met by donations and a limited amount of advertising.

Its directors represent Cork’s main Christian denominations.

The station was formed almost four years ago when it secured a temporary licence in March 2004 from the Broadcasting Commission of Ireland to broadcast for six weekends.

It secured the full licence in February 2005 following public advertisement.

The first Christian radio station went live in the US in 1926. Today, almost every major US city has dozens of such stations.

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