French returns to the glamorous life

THE lingerie model has gone from the undergrowth back to the underwear having been the first to get the chop in the Celebrities Go Wild reality TV show.

Last night, telephone voters gave least support to Katy French, Mickey Joe Harte and Daithí Ó Sé.

But, it was the glamour model who was voted off.

“I feel really sad, I didn’t want to go,” she sobbed.

“Sitting over dinner tonight I had that feeling in my gut,” she added in what was probably a reference to her expected demise rather than a reaction to the survival rations.

Aidan Power and Anna Nolan are hosting this regional reality TV show in aid of People in Need.

Eight celebrities were originally let loose in the wilds of Connemara, turning their backs on pampered lives for a week-long trek through the unforgiving landscapes of the west. In the process they will raise thousands of euro for RTÉ’s People in Need Telethon.

Each episode sees contestants negotiate tasks while surviving everything Connemara can throw at them.

Victoria Mary Clarke left the RTÉ series before the first public vote. She departed the show on Monday in a row over toilet facilities and contraband chocolate bars.

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