Massive wound killed stab victim

A BRAZILIAN living in Charleville died from a massive knife wound which entered under his ear and penetrated to the lining of his chest, a court heard.

Jose Claudio Domingos, who worked as a butcher for 12 years in Brazil before coming to this country, denies the murder of Alberto Do Prado Oliveira, aged 47 at a flat in Main Street, Charleville, on September 21, 2006.

Domingos, aged 44, with an address at Old Limerick Road, Charleville, said that he never intended to harm Alberto.

Contact with the knife, which had a blade 30cm in length, happened, he said, when Alberto approached as though to hug him after they had words while drinking and listening to music.

Domingos said on a number of occasions during the night as they listened to music and drank beer and shots, Alberto pinched his bum. He told Alberto not to do this and to respect him.

Also present in the flat were brothers Lindomar and Dilmar Teixeira.

The accused got up to cut meat with a knife and Alberto touched him again.

Alberto, he said, then pushed him twice and he slipped on the wet floor.

Domingos said he got up and grabbed a knife which was on the kitchen table.

He used the knife to cut a lemon and to cut meat.

Alberto stood up and the accused said he thought he was coming to hug him and say he was sorry. He still had the knife in his hand and it caught Alberto’s arm and he got stuck to him.

He said it was an accident and he would never do something crazy to take somebody’s life.

Domingos said: “I never intended to do that. Never. It was not my intention. I did not have the intention.”

Domingos said one of the Teixeira brothers suggested when the gardaí arrived that they would say Alberto committed suicide.

“I ask for the forgiveness of Alberto’s family. I never intended to do it,” he said.

Garda evidence was given on the opening day of the trial that Domingos told gardaí when they got to the scene that Alberto stabbed himself two times saying he felt like killing himself.

Lindomar Teixeira earlier told the trial he saw Domingos stab Alberto and denied it happened when Alberto approached the accused as though to hug him.

State pathologist, Dr Margaret Bolster said two stab wounds on the deceased were in her opinion inflicted by a knife shown to the jury. One cut to the forearm was a classic defence wound she said.

The trial before a jury of eight men and four women continues before Mr Justice Paul Carney.

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