‘Super E’ drug will cause deaths if it reaches streets

A NEW designer drug which could kill those who consume it is growing in popularity around the world and could be on its way here.

According to the Drugs Awareness Programme, the variant of ‘Super E’ is made up solely of adrenalin and could be lethal for consumers.

Michael McDonagh of DAP said: “If that drug reaches our streets there will be deaths.”

There are already two forms of ‘Super E’ in this country, one of which is actually being sold in so-called ‘headshops’ — shops which sell drugs paraphernalia.

According to Mr McDonagh it contains kratom, a controlled substance, yet shops can keep selling it.

Another form of ‘Super E’ is a form of LSD that comes on small patterned pieces of paper. Nicknamed ‘tiles’ because of the way it is supplied, it induces hallucinations and psychosis.

One of its dangers is that it is slower to act than ecstasy so users think nothing is happening initially and take more leading to risk of an overdose.

Mr McDonagh said there had not been many enquiries on the DAP website and text-message service about Super E, but he added that in general very few of the 25,000 queries it received last year were about LSD or ecstasy. He said the majority were about cocaine and cannabis.

The programme is about to overhaul its drugs information service to take into account the growing number of different religions in Ireland. Visitors will be able to submit their queries to the internet or text service in a range of languages.

Meanwhile, Trinity College Dublin’s Small Area Health Research Unit is expected to complete a study of opiate use throughout Ireland by March next year, according to the Irish Medical Times.

The study is a repeat of the 2001 study of the use of opiates in Ireland and will show how much useage has increased in the intervening period as well as comparing with intake in 1996.

The researchers are using the Central Treatment List, the Hospital Inpatient Enquiry database and the Garda Síochána Illicit Drug Use and Related Criminal Activity report for their research.

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