Promoter investigates concert complaints

AN inquiry is under way into the chaos faced by concert-goers who paid up to €552 to see Barbra Streisand.

Traffic queues, chaos in official car parks and seating arrangements were the focus of complaints following Saturday’s concert in Kildare.

Yesterday, concert promoters MCD issued a second apology to fans and announced an internal inquiry. This will be chaired by former garda commissioner Pat Byrne.

The promoters also met Ann Fitzgerald of the Government’s new National Consumer Agency (NCA), after she voiced her concerns over the concert and fans’ legal rights.

Ms Fitzgerald said: “MCD have agreed to give us a weekly update on progress by the committee and to stay in close contact with us on the issue.

“MCD accepted that a number of problems arose at the concert and have decided to set up a committee... to examine the issues involved.”

Among those on the committee are Dublin health and safety expert Michael Slattery, communications consultant Julian Davis, MCD managing director Denis Desmond and its spokesman Justin Green, who is also president of the Public Relations Institute of Ireland.

A day after the Castletown House concert, MCD issued an apology, chiefly blaming the problems on bad weather and roadworks.

But fans complained to newspapers as well as RTÉ Radio about chaotic parking arrangements, the stewards and problems caused by people in the wrong seats.

Yesterday afternoon MCD issued a second apology, adding: “We assure the fans the issues will be dealt with effectively and efficiently by the specialist committee.”

MCD spokesman Justin Green said 127 fans made in official complaints with the company with 95% already acknowledged.

The NCA has had 110 complaints but is now urging fans to contact MCD directly and send copies of their correspondence to the NCA as well.

Mr Green said the committee would hold its first meeting this week and expected to finish its investigation by September.

Around 17,000 fans paid between €118.50 and €551.75 for the Kildare concert, just one of a handful of dates on the singer’s European tour.

Despite the bad weather Ms Streisand performed a full show with two encores.

* The NCA is urging all fans with complaints to write to Denis Desmond, MCD, 7 Park Road, Dún Laoghaire, Co Dublin, and also send copies of these letters to the National Consumer Agency, 4 Harcourt Road, Dublin 2.

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