Government and State agencies Cork’s biggest employers

THE State and its agencies are Cork’s biggest employer, a major new report has found.

Nine of the city’s 12 largest employers, including five hospitals and two third-level colleges, are public bodies.

Just three private companies make it into the top 12 with Apple Computer ranked highest at number six.

The city’s heavy reliance on public sector jobs was revealed in Cork City Council’s comprehensive Employment Report 2006.

It showed that while total citywide employment rose by 5% since the last major survey in 2001, its manufacturing sector has taken a battering.

Total employment in the city has risen from 71,000 to just over 75,000 people.

Retailing and personal services account for most of the growth.

However, the city has lost 2,200 manufacturing jobs — a decline of 24% — in the same period through company closures and relocations to county areas.

Major relocations include DPS and EG Pettit to Little Island and Rigid Tools which moved from Bessboro.

SIFCO and Reffond Manufacturing were among the biggest closures during the survey period.

Cork’s most recent losses, including Motorola, were outside the survey period.

Professional services, which include accountants, solicitors, as well as health and education workers, continue to be the city’s largest employment sector.

They account for almost a third (31%) of all employment.

Employment in retail, which is the second largest employment sector — is up 14% since 2001.

Exactly half of all retailing jobs (just over 7,000) are in the city centre.

But the city’s south east sector has seen an incredible 108% rise in retailing (932 jobs) since the opening of the Mahon Point shopping centre and business park.

Public administration and defence account for 10% of all city jobs.

It showed the largest increase (12%) with an extra 2,452 jobs to just over 23,000 people.

Almost half of all those jobs (44%) are in the south west sector where two third-level colleges and CUH are based.

The city centre has the second largest professional services sector with 30% of all the city’s jobs.

But overall, city centre employment has decreased by 2%. Despite this drop, it is still the sector with the most jobs with 38% of the city’s workforce employed.

A total of 98% of the city’s businesses were surveyed over 11 weeks between June and September last year.

The results will feed in to the development of new policies as the city draws up its new development plan.

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