ESB lights up lives of city’s elderly

ESB staff and pensioners have helped brighten the lives of the elderly in Cork.

ESB Electric Aid Ireland, set up by company staff and pensioners, has presented SHARE with a cheque to upgrade a courtyard at its Dun Ris facility in the city centre.

“We are very grateful to all the staff and pensioners at ESB, who have come together yet again to make living conditions more enjoyable for Cork’s elderly,” said Bill Olden, a fifth-year student in Presentation College and chairperson of SHARE’s fundraising executive.

ESB Electric Aid provided new lighting at the Dun Ris complex earlier this year.

“Now the improvements to the courtyard will mean we have a bright, attractive space which our residents will enjoy in their twilight years,” Mr Olden said.

“This is a great boost in the run-up to our Christmas fundraising campaign.”

Almost 1,800 students from 20 schools will take part in this year’s campaign, which will help to build new homes and maintain 167 housing units and SHARE’s day care centre at Sheares Street.

Michael O’Connor, ESB Electric Aid secretary, said of SHARE: “They deserve all the support they get as they continually improve their services to the elderly.

“They are so reliant on voluntarism, both from the school students and teams of silent volunteers who give their time willingly.”

Dun Ris resident, Claire Keohane, originally from Clonakilty, is looking forward to the new courtyard.

“I have a lovely home here, and it’s getting better. I’m looking forward to the courtyard being paved and lit up so I can go gardening or take a breath of fresh air whenever the fancy takes me. It’s peaceful out here.”

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