Factory workers prepare to move

WORKERS at Waterford Stanley are to take an extra week’s leave on top of the traditional week off at the beginning of June to allow production to be transferred to a new plant three miles away.

When the 120 manufacturing staff return from their fortnight off, half of them will transfer to the new plant on the Cork Road. The remaining staff will work for a short while at the Bilberry plant, before that operation closes.

Protective notice still has not been withdrawn, following the workers’ vote to accept a revised relocation and productivity deal. One staff member said workers “reluctantly accepted the deal” as they were anxious that they could not be blamed for the closure of the plant.

Under that deal, they get €500 to relocate to the new plant. A three-shift agreement has been accepted. But other terms and conditions are still being negotiated. It is hoped that these issues will be resolved over the coming days.

Meanwhile, claims that up to 100 jobs could be under threat at a Carlow tool-making plant have been described as premature by both unions and management. Workers at Lapple in Carlow town are to have their hours cut after the company announced it has incurred losses of up to €20 million.

Representatives of SIPTU are meeting with management to discuss the implications for members.

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